Are Rottweilers Good Jogging Partners? – Running Facts

You have a Rottweiler or want to have a Rottweiler, One of the best and most intelligent dog breeds. But thinking Are Rottweilers Good Jogging Partners?

And this question arises because you want your dog to accompany you in jogging but can it match your speed?


The answer is Yes! Rottweilers are good jogging partners but there are many things you need to know before taking out your Rottweiler for running.

So don’t worry I’m here to answer your every question about Rottweilers like How Fast Can a Rottweiler Run? and many more.

Because I have a Rottweiler and he is 2.5 years old now.

Whether you have a Rottweiler dog or puppy (want to buy one), I will provide all the information on running activities for your Rottweiler.

So let’s deep dive into the information: Are Rottweilers good running companions?

Can Rottweilers run with you?

Yes, Rottweilers can run with you because they love to go outside in the yard or park and they love to have space to play around.

But sometimes it can cause problems for Rottweilers like excessive running can lead to discomfort and joint pain.

So it depends on you to understand your Rottweiler’s running limits and if you are going to run with your Rottweiler then you should take care of your dog.

The question is, are Rottweilers good jogging partners? or can I jog with my rottweiler?

Yes, you can jog with your Rottweilers but keep in mind that Rottweilers can’t do excessive running because of health and joint issues.

Rottweiler Running

Is Running Good for Rottweilers?

Whether it’s human or animal, running is good for everyone. So Yes, running is good for rottweilers.

You know the benefits of running, when you run daily you can easily feel good changes in your body like this, Running is good for rottweilers which improves their mental and physical health.

If you don’t take out your Rottweiler for running, this can be a sign of aggression in Rottweilers. So always try to avoid that and take your dog out for running according to your comfort.

But you also see the dangers of excessive running, as this excessive running can also be dangerous for rottweilers.

The benefits and dangers of running to a Rottweiler are the following:

Running Benefits

Running helps in increasing the lifespan of rottweilers and also sharpens the mind and strengthens their heart.

Also, running helps in preventing anxiety and depression much like humans.

Running Dangers

Human or Animal, Excessive running is dangerous for both. So, Excessive running can be dangerous for your rottweiler.

Because they have a very muscular body and have an average weight of 50kg (110 Pounds), this means they will get tired quickly.

Also, excessive running can cause joint pain and discomfort to your rottweiler.

Do rottweilers run away?

No, Rottweilers don’t run away because they are so loyal to their owners and they always love to play around with their owners.

You may be thinking about if you will leave your dog alone and what if your rottweiler runs away.

Then you should be relaxed because if you play with your dog all-time then you can leave your dog alone and can trust they won’t run away.

Do Rottweilers Run Faster Than German Shepherds?

No, Rottweilers can’t run faster than German Shepherds.

The reason behind this is the body type of rottweilers, they have an average weight of 50kg (110 pounds) and are packed with muscles.

Also, rottweilers have short legs and shorter faces and these are also the main reasons to slow down rottweilers.

How Fast Can a Rottweiler Run?

An average dog can run faster at 20mph speed and faster dogs like Greyhound and German Shepherds can run up to 45mph.

But if we talk about rottweilers then they can run up to 25mph, which also makes them faster than average dogs

They can’t maintain such speed for so long, they need a break every 1-2 minutes. But they can efficiently run faster than humans.

Humans run at 6-8mph speed, with this rottweilers can run for 10 to 15 minutes.

Why can’t Rottweilers Run Faster?

We hinted above that why can’t Rottweilers run faster? But here we are going to tell you in detail about why the rottweiler runs slower than other dogs.

The reasons are the following:

Rotties Have Short Legs

The main reason behind rottweilers’ slower running speed is that they have short legs. They have short legs relative to other dogs who run faster than rottweilers.

Long legs don’t make dogs run faster but short legs definitely slow them down.

Rottweilers have muscular bodies with short legs and that stops them from being good runners.

Rotties Have A Shorter Face

Maybe you have noticed one thing about the dogs who run faster they have long narrow snouts through which they get a good airway.

For example, German Shepherds have long legs with long narrow snouts.

Rottweilers also don’t have short snouts but also don’t have long like faster dogs.

Can Rottweilers Run For Longer Distances?

I have a rottweiler and after knowing him for so long, I can say that Rottweilers are not for running or can’t run so much.

Muscular runners can easily run 200-300m races but can’t run a marathon, the same thing applies to dogs. Muscular dogs can run faster but aren’t good distance runners.

So rottweilers have a bulky and muscular body which can help them to run faster but not for longer distances.

So, If you want to take them running, you can, they will run or play around you, But they can’t run for long distances.

How Much Running Does a Rottweiler Need?

Rottweilers are needed for 10-15 minutes of running per day.

If you are making your rottweiler do exercise every day for 2 hours then just include 10 to 15 minutes running in it.

Because rottweilers can run only for 10 to 15 minutes after this much exercise, more than that makes them tired.

But, in the name of exercise, you only need to run your rottweiler then your dog can run more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Running Activities for Your Rottweiler

There are so many running activities for your Rottweiler to do to stay healthy mentally and physically.
The activities are the following:
1. Make your rottweiler run alongside you but not more than 10 to 15 minutes.
2. Take your rottweiler for jogging.
3. Dogs love to play fetch, do this activity every day.
4. Take your rottweiler for swimming, this is helpful for joints.
5. Play some types of games with your dog like Soccer.


Can I jog with my Rottweiler?

Yes, you can jog with your Rottweiler but keep one thing in mind, adult Rottweilers can’t go for heavy jogging or running.

Rottweiler running speed in Kilometers?

Rottweilers can run up to a speed of 25mph which is 40kmph in Kilometers.

Are Rottweilers good running dogs?

Yes, Rottweilers are good running dogs and can be your running companion. Rottweilers can run faster than average dogs, so can easily run faster than humans.

What is a Rottweiler’s running weakness?

The running weakness of rottweilers is that with excessive running they can quickly get tired which can cause joint pain.

How many kilometers can a Rottweiler run?

It can’t be measured but with a 25mph speed Rottweiler can run for 1-2 minutes and with the average speed of humans(6-8mph), Rottweiler can run for 10-15 minutes long.

How Fast Can a Rottweiler Run Video

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have shared every possible aspect related to the question are Rottweilers good jogging partners? On the basis of my experience (I have a Rottweiler dog).

I hope you have got your answer through this article and now you know How Fast Can a Rottweiler Run.

If you have any kind of questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

If you have a Rottweiler dog or Puppy, then what’s your experience with them? let me know in the comments. Thank you.

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