3 Best Bones for Rottweilers – You Should Try These

You have a Rottweiler and you are in search of the best bones for Rottweilers because of your Rottie’s dental care which can be a big health issue.

Getting the right and ideal bone can be challenging for dog owners.

Right? Yeah, I know.

I also have a Rottweiler and I have tried numerous bones on him. After trying out so many I found some of the best bones for dogs and made a list of these.

Let’s take a look at this dog bones list and try to understand it deeply.

Buying Guide – Things to Consider

There are two types of bones available in the market one is synthetic and another one is natural. Both types of bones have their good and bad.

But in the end, the final decision will be yours or your Rottweiler’s.

Natural bones


  • These are naturally attractive
  • Good on taste
  • Natural Bones come with healthy nutrients


  • These may have preservatives
  • Can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs who have sensitive stomach
  • These bones support bacterial growth
  • This can be the reason for stains on furniture and carpets

Synthetic bones


  • Synthetic Bones are available in various shapes, sizes, and flavors.
  • These are calorie-free bones


  • These bones are likely to break.
  • Some dogs find them less desirable than other types of bones

There is a miscommunication, you also heard that bones can be dangerous to dogs. Yes, it can be. But..

If you give bones to your dog and allow it to play under your supervision, it’s safe to chew a bone and offers high-quality chew time.

Best Bones for Rottweilers

As I said, I have a Rottweiler and I made this list after trying out these bones on my Rottie. But in the end, it will be your decision to choose from natural and synthetic bones.

So in the below list, I have added both types of bones.

1. Benebone Wishbone

Benebone Wishbone

The Benebone Wishbone can be the best bone option for Rottweilers. Because it is made of durable nylon.

Benebone Wishbone has a dog-friendly design so that dogs can hold it properly while chewing it.

To keep your Rottweiler excited, bacon flavor is infused through the bone and slowly released so that your Rottweiler will be busy for a long time.

But let me tell you one thing about Benebone Wishbone, it contains nuts so if your Rottweiler has nuts allergy and sensitivity then you should avoid that.


  • Infused bacon flavor
  • It is made in the United States
  • Dog-friendly design


  • Contains nuts, not suitable for dogs with a nut allergy
  • Less long-lasting

2. Petstages Deerhorn Dog Chew Toy

Petstages Deerhorn Dog Chew Toy

If your Rottweiler is an aggressive chewer then it can be the perfect pick. If we talk about its size, it is 3 inches wide, 7 inches long and its weight is around 0.6 pounds. It is suitable for large-size dogs like Rottweilers.

Petstages Deerhorn Dog Chew Toy has an areal antler flavor that can’t be resisted by any Rottweiler. This bone is also made in the USA and totally free of toxic substances such as lead and phthalate.


  • Comes with an areal antler flavor
  • Great for aggressive chewers
  • Good for dental health
  • It is Gluten-free


  • It can create a mess

3. Nylabone Twin Pack

Nylabone Twin Pack

Nylabone Twin is a synthetic bone and pack with both flavors like chicken and bacon. Which your Rottweiler will definitely like while chewing.

It is made of long-lasting nylon and enriched with natural flavors which can be a great encouragement for chewing.

Keeping a dog’s teeth healthy also promotes oral health. It is suitable for the Rottweilers with restricted calories because it contains fewer calories.

This product is vet-approved also made in the United States and comes with a budget-friendly price.


  • Comes with both tastes (Chicken and bacon)
  • Vet-approved Product
  • Good for dental health
  • Made of long-lasting nylon
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sometimes can be irritating during rough playtime

To take some extra time for preparing food for your Rottweiler you can give these bones to play with.


At what age can Rottweilers eat bones?

Rottweilers can eat bones as soon as they have teeth.

Can a Rottweiler eat a turkey bone?

 Yes, but you should avoid giving it to your Rottweiler because turkey bones break into small and sharp pieces when they are chewed.

Can I give the chicken bone to my Rottweiler?

 No, you shouldn’t because these bones are dangerous to your Rottweiler’s health.

Can Rottweilers eat fish bones?

Yes, they can but you shouldn’t not feed fish bones to your Rottie because these are small and dangerous.

Can Rottweilers survive without meat?

Yes, they can survive but only if you feed a proper balanced vegetarian diet to your Rottweiler.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have told you about the list of the best bones for Rottweilers that I have made after trying out at my Rottie.

Now, it’s up to you and your Rottweiler which will be suitable. You can also try different types of bones for your Rottweiler and find which your Rottie likes the most.

I hope this article helps you in choosing the best bone for a Rottweiler Puppy, still, you face a problem, you can ask via comments.

And if you want to add some more bones to this, feel free to share. Thank you.

Here is the short video from which you can learn about the best bones for dogs:

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