What Are The Biggest Rottweilers In The World?

Rottweiler is the most famous, lovable, and intelligent dog breed in the world. This is the reason I also own one, but sometimes I wonder about the biggest Rottweilers in the world.

Do you also think about the biggest Rottweiler breed in the world or its size and weight and all?

Do You?

I do because as I said I have a Rottweiler dog, so I often search about Rottweiler breeds and get to know interesting facts about Top Rottweilers in the world.

So based on my knowledge about Rottweilers, which I gained through various sources, I will tell you everything about the biggest Rottweilers in the world.

Are you ready? OK then, let’s start.

Which Are The Biggest Rottweilers In The World?

Roman Rottweiler is the biggest Rottweiler breed in the world.

Roman Rottweiler breed is a super giant breed of Rottweiler. This breed has a wonderful physical presence and great height.

Rottweilers of this breed can grow so big and have a considerable giant size.

If we talk about the Roman Rottweiler’s height then it’s a minimum of 23 inches but some dogs of this breed can grow up to 30 inches.

Female Roman Rottweilers can’t grow as compared to Male Roman Rottweilers. Female Roman Rottweilers’ minimum average height is 24 inches and can go up to 29 inches.

Top Rottweilers in The World

There are three types of Rottweilers in the world considered top Rottweilers in the world and they are described below.

  1. German Rottweiler
  2. American Rottweiler
  3. Roman Rottweiler

German Rottweiler

It is believed that German Rottweilers originated from one of the drover dogs. German Rottweilers are the most impressive and loyal Rottweiler breed.

The weight of an adult male German Rottweiler is between 50 to 59 kg (110 to 130 pounds) while the weight of a female German Rottweiler is 77 to 110 pounds.

A male German Rottweiler can grow big up to 27 inches while a female German Rottweiler can grow big up to 25 inches.

American Rottweiler

American Rottweiler breed can be considered as the helping Rottweiler breed because they are used as working dogs.

The muscular type body types help them to do various types of work like they help police for rail lines and can be used as herding dogs.

The American Rottweilers are the medium-sized Rottweiler breed with a bulky body. And, Rottweilers growl when happy.

Both male and female American Rottweilers are solid and muscular but male Rottweilers are larger in size than the female ones.

Roman Rottweiler

As discussed above the Roman Rottweiler is the biggest Rottweiler in the world or we can say giant Rottweiler breed.

Roman Rottweilers can grow so big and are widely known to be one of the largest Rottweiler breeds existing on the Earth.

With a bulky and muscular body, Roman Rottweiler looks so strong and wild.

Roman Rottweilers are considered protective and loving dogs, who can do anything for their owner to be safe.

There are two other types of Rottweilers:

  • Tailed Rottweiler
  • Rare Rottweiler

You can watch the below video to learn more about the Types of Rottweilers.

How Much Do Roman Rottweilers Weigh?

Roman Rottweilers have a strong body with bulkiness and muscles. So they weigh more than any other dogs of the Rottweiler breed.

Do you want to guess the weight of a male Roman Rottweiler or a female Roman Rottweiler?

Okay, let me tell you this.

The male Roman Rottweilers weigh more than the female ones.

The weight of a female Roman Rottweiler is between 85 lbs to 115 lbs while a male Roman Rottweiler’s weight is between 95 lbs to 130 lbs.

What Does A Roman Rottweiler Look Like?

Almost every Rottweiler of every breed looks similar in color but differs in the body. And, the body type of Roman Rottweilers makes them different and strongest from others.

They are black and mahogany coat colors with almond-shaped, dark brown, and deep eyes.

Roman Rottweilers have scissor-bite teeth and long, triangular, and curvy ears compared to the other rottweilers.

How Long Do Roman Rottweilers Live?

Male Roman Rottweilers are ahead in everything of female Roman Rottweilers, but in terms of lifespan, they are behind female Roman Rottweilers.

Female Roman Rottweilers live longer than male Roman Rottweilers. Female Roman Rottweiler has a lifespan of up to 14 years.

However, male Roman Rottweilers can live 10 to 12 years, which is less than females.

If we compare the lifespan of Roman Rottweilers with other shorter Rottweilers then Roman Rottweilers have a shorter lifespan.

Because of their size, they are the victim of general well-being and lifespan and some serious health issues.


What is the largest Rottweiler?

Roman Rottweiler is the largest Rottweiler.

How Big Do Roman Rottweilers Get?

Male Roman Rottweiler can grow between 23 to 30 inches while female Roman Rottweiler can grow between 24 to 29 inches.

What is the biggest Rottweiler in the world weight?

Male and female Rottweilers weigh between 95 to 130 lbs and 85 to 115 lbs respectively.

Can a Rottweiler weigh 200 pounds?

The answer is maybe or maybe not because a male Rottweiler weighs around 135 lbs, whereas a female Rottweiler weighs around 100 lbs.

What’s bigger than a Rottweiler?

Bullmastiffs are somewhere larger than Rottweilers, their size is similar but Rottweiler looks smaller.

Wrapping Up

In today’s article, we discussed the biggest Rottweilers in the world and shared interesting facts.

So I think now you know the biggest Rottweiler breed in the world and also the lifespan of that breed.

So, if you really want to have a Rottweiler, you can have any because all types of Rottweilers have almost the same loyalty and activeness.

I hope you liked this article but if you have any questions or want to add some more value to this article then please feel free to comment. Thank you.

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