Long-Haired German Rottweilers – Things You Must Know

Do you know about long-haired German Rottweiler? Maybe you know but aren’t aware whether it is a cross-breed or purebred long-haired Rottweiler.

At my home, a 2.5-year-old Rottweiler is there, I brought him when he was just 10 days old.

To keep my Rottweiler healthy, I surf the internet the whole day. While surfing the internet for my Rottie I got to know so much about the Rottweiler Breed.

Like Types of Rottweilers, the Biggest Rottweiler in the world, and also can Rottweilers have long Hair, etc.

And maybe you also want to know about how you get this type of Rottweiler. Right? yeah, I know.

In this article, you will get to know everything about long-haired Rottweiler. So let’s get started and do a full read.

Can Rottweilers Have Long Hair?

Yes, Rottweilers can have long hairs, in long hairs they look more cute and beautiful.

Short-haired Rottweiler has a sibling, who is a long-haired Rottweiler. The length of long-haired Rottweilers’ hair is longer and somehow rough to the touch than that of short-haired Rottweilers.

People think they are crossbred but they have the same traits and personality as short-haired Rottweilers.

There is a low probability of long-haired Rottweilers and because of this, they are not popular with the public as short-haired Rottweilers.

Why Is A Long-Haired Rottweiler Rare?

Yes, it can be said that long-haired Rottweilers are very rare dogs. As mentioned above, there is a low probability of long-haired Rottweiler puppies.

Because of low probability, they are not popular among people. That’s why they are rarely owned by Rottweiler lovers and breeders as well.

Long-Haired Rottweiler Size

Because of their thick and fluffy coats, these Rottweilers’ appearance is larger than short-haired Rottweilers.

But if we talk about height and weight, both types of Rottweilers are similar to each other.

Typically the height of long-haired male Rottweilers is from 24 to 28 inches and weighs around 115 to 135 pounds.

Whereas long-haired female Rottweilers’ height is 22 to 26 inches and weight is around 85 to 115 pounds.

Long-Haired vs. Short-Haired

There is only one difference in long-haired vs. short-haired Rottweilers, that is long-haired German Rottweilers have long hair, and other one doesn’t have.

Short hair is an important part of the Rottweiler breed. Because of this, Almost every breeder doesn’t favor these Rottweilers.

Concerns About Long-Haired Rottweilers

There are various myths surrounding Rottweiler genetics and also lots of misinformation regarding health problems associated with coat color and the long-hair gene.

It is not right to say that these Rottweilers seem to have health problems just because of their long hair.

They are a healthy breed of Rottweiler dogs, much like the short-haired version of Rottweilers.

There is not any specific disease or genetic problems that come along with the length of the hairs.

So, if you have a long-haired Rottweiler or you are planning to buy one, you do not need to take extra tension about health issues.

According to the Rottweiler breed knowledge that I have, there is no change in temperament due to the long hair gene.

Long-Haired Rottweiler Grooming

Rottweiler Dog in a Pond

Every dog breed needs some level of grooming to keep themselves clean and healthy but dogs with longer hair need some extra grooming or care.

Longer coat Rottweilers need to be brushed every day to remove tangles and matting. Brushing your dog every day won’t take much time, it will take a few minutes of your time.

With brushing, bathing your Rottweiler is also an important part of grooming, but keep in mind, don’t bathe your long-haired Rott more than once a month.

Should you get a Long-Haired Rottie?

If you love Rottweiler dogs then I will surely recommend you long-haired German Rottweiler. Also if you love long-haired dogs, you should definitely get this long-haired dog.

If we talk about the qualities and features of these Rottweilers, they are the same as short-haired Rottweilers. There is only one difference which is the long hair of this dog.

So, in my opinion, if you are planning to include a Rottweiler that has long hair in your family then this will be the perfect addition.

How Do You Get a Long-Haired Rottweiler?

It is more difficult to get a Rottweiler with long-hair, it is because they are rarely available to dog breeders.

When you go to your nearby breeders to buy a Rottweiler, you will only see a short-haired version of the Rottweiler.

There is quite some demand for Rottweilers with long hair, but only a few breeders are there to sell them. But most breeders don’t sell because of strict breed guidelines.

There are almost two reasons you don’t find long-haired Rottweilers with breeders:

  1. Long-haired Rottweilers are not purebred Rottweilers, they are mixed rottweilers.
  2. American Kennel Club (AKC) has restricted long-haired Rottweilers, as they did not meet breed standards.


Does Long-haired Rottweiler Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Yes, because this breed is not different from the short-haired breed, similarly this breed also gets along with other pets.

Are Long-haired Rottweilers Good for Families?

Yes, Long-haired Rottweilers have long hairs only otherwise they are the same as other Rottweilers in behavior.

How Much Does a Long-Haired Rottweiler Cost?

If you are able to find a good breeder who has a Long-haired Rottweiler then it can cost somewhere around $1500 to $2000, which is the same as short-haired Rottweilers.

What is the lifespan of a long-haired Rottweiler?

The average age of healthier dogs is 12 years but the lifespan of Long-haired Rottweiler is 9 to 10 years.

What is the rare breed of Rottweiler?

Red Rottweiler is the rarest breed of the Rottweiler. It is usually different from the black and tan that we see in other Rottweiler breeds.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have told you almost everything about Long-haired German Rottweiler and also recommended you to get it if you want to.

These Rottweilers are also cute, calm, and loyal as usual Rottweiler dogs. And have the same quality as short-haired Rottie.

I hope this article answers your query and you got what you were searching for. If you still have any questions then you can ask via comments. Thank you.

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