Rottweiler Aggression Signs- You Really Need to Know

Every dog becomes aggressive depending on the situation so does the Rottweiler too. Because of that Rottweiler owners always keep an eye on Rottweiler Aggression Signs.

Although Rottweilers are calm and friendly dogs by nature and protective also. But if you do not train them properly or leave them untrained, this protectiveness can be turned into aggression easily.

So if you are thinking of petting a Rottweiler or perhaps you have one and you are noticing some aggression in its behavior but you are unaware of the reason.

Then do not worry in this article, I will tell you what makes a Rottweiler aggressive and how can you identify the signs of aggression.

And also how can you control your Rottweiler from becoming aggressive? So let’s deep dive into it and find out the answers.

Common Signs of Aggression in Rottweilers

As a dog owner, you always try to know everything about your dog’s behavior like what makes it angry, sad, happy, etc.

And also try to do things that make your Rottweiler happy. But one thing that you hate about your dog is when he/she shows aggression toward you.

This dog breed is usually friendly but sometimes becomes aggressive. And also considered dangerous sometimes because the way Rottweilers look is very scary.

So if you have a Rottweiler and you notice some changes in its behavior then here is the list of Rottweiler Aggression Signs which can help you to identify your Rottweiler’s anger.

  1. Growling & Snarling
  2. Snapping
  3. Biting
  4. Nipping
  5. Lunging
  6. Barking

But Growling and Snarling don’t always mean that your Rottweiler is angry, Sometimes Rottweilers Growl when they’re happy.

Reasons for Rottweiler Aggression Towards Owner

Rottweilers are usually calm and protective dogs. They are always ready to protect you and play around you but sometimes they also get angry.

There can be two reasons why a Rottweiler shows aggression toward their owner. The first one is if you have an untrained dog or you didn’t train your Rottweiler in well-mannered.

The second reason is an inexperienced owner. If a dog owner doesn’t have experience of handling a dog or mishandling then their Rottweiler can attack them.

If you take away their things such as Toys or Food then your Rottweiler can attack you and it’s known as resource guarding.

Reasons for Rottweiler Aggression Towards Strangers

A Woman and a Running Rottweiler Dog

As mentioned Rottweilers are friendly dogs but they don’t always stay calm especially when it comes to strangers and other dogs.

It can be problematic sometimes when you take out your Rottweiler to visit a dog park or go to walk down the sidewalk.

There can be some reasons for Rottweiler’s aggression towards strangers which are the following:


Rottweilers used to be known as guard dogs, protection is in their blood. So whenever any stranger comes near to you or your Rottie, he/she will do anything to keep you safe.

Anxiety and Fear

This is also a reason for the aggression of any dog. When you take out your Rottweiler or present it in front of people or animals, without a second thought he/she shows aggression, thinking it is a threat.

Lack of Training

It is the reason that is totally in your hands because Rottweilers need proper training to become friendly and calm dogs.

If you don’t train your dog properly then these types of problems will pop up.

Causes Of Aggression In Rottweilers

It is truly heartbreaking when you notice your Rottweiler showing aggression towards you or strangers. And, then you think about the reasons, why do Rottweilers become aggressive.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) definition, Rottweilers are caring and loving dogs. So how can one imagine that this type of caring and loving dog become aggressive?

Well, there are some causes that can make a loving Rottweiler aggressive which are the following:

Lack of Socialization

All dogs go through the puppy phase, this is the phase when they should be introduced to the world. The way you do, which comes under socialization.

By socializing, dogs can learn who to trust and who not to trust. And also by this, they can become more friendly with you and strangers as well.

Since it is known that Rottweilers have a guarding instinct. So when they find something suspicious they suddenly become protective and aggressive as well.

This happens when they are not socialized when they are young or in their puppy phase. They see everything as a threat whether it is an animal or any person.

So they need to be socialized when they are young or in the puppy phase.

Lake of Exercise

Exercise is very important for Rottweilers because they have so much energy to burn off. The AKC suggests that this breed needs at least one to two hours of exercise to be active.

If there is a lack of exercise then you can see unusual behavior of your Rottweiler and that can cause aggression.

If you are not available or can’t make time for your Rottweiler, find someone trustworthy who can take out your dog for exercise.

Lack of Training

When it comes to Rottweilers, this is the most common cause of aggression. Rottweilers are active and intelligent but need metal stimulation which can be regulated by humans.

If you don’t train Rottweilers properly, but doesn’t require anything too intense. They will not know how to behave according to the situation.

They will behave depending on their feelings- not the way you want them to behave.

So with proper training, you can teach your Rottweiler to behave according to the situation, which will benefit you and your dog as well.

Rottweiler Aggressive to Other Dogs

Rottweiler Dog with Other Dog

Yes, Rottweilers are aggressive to other dogs if they are trained to stay away from other dogs. So Rottweiler aggression towards other dogs depends on their training.

But if you take them out to socialize with strangers and other dogs, there is less chance of getting angry.

Also, there are chances of less aggression if you have two dogs, one is a Rottweiler and one is another breed dog. So Rottweiler generates a habit of living with other dogs.

What to Do if a Rottweiler Attacks You?

First of all, try to avoid coming in contact with other Rottweilers but if it happens, what should you do to save yourself from an aggressive Rottweiler?

Do you want to know? I think you really need to, okay Let me tell you how to save yourself from an attacking dog.

  • When a Rottweiler attacks you, try not to scream or roll away, this will only encourage a Rottweiler to keep attacking.
  • Try to cover your chest, face, and throat as soon as it starts attacking.
  • And then lie down by protecting your vital areas.

There is more probability the Rottweiler will stop attacking, if they get a signal you are no longer a threat.


Are Rottweilers more aggressive than Pitbulls?

No, Pitbulls are more aggressive than Rottweilers. Rottie is usually considered a calm and friendly dog.

Why do Rottweilers become aggressive?

There can be a reason for Rottweiler’s aggression is fear of losing its territory.

How do you get a Rottweiler to respect you?

Rottweilers usually don’t disrespect their owners but if you experience this behavior from your Rottweiler then this happens because of lack of training. So, with proper training, you can make your dog respect you.

Do Rottweilers attack strangers?

Yes, if they find anything suspicious, they can attack strangers.

Can Rottweilers be trained to not be aggressive?

Yes, but at a young age only because in adulthood your training won’t be able to bring much changes.

Wrapping Up

Rottweilers are a great dog breed to bring at home, but always try to bring a puppy. Because it helps in training, you can teach things the way you want.

So, in this article, I told you about Rottweiler aggression signs and causes of aggression in Rottweilers. And suggested the solutions for this.

If you still have any doubts regarding signs of Rottweiler aggression then feel free to ask via comments. And if you want to give any suggestions, you can also write in comments. Thank you.

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