Rottweiler and Pomeranian Mix- Everything You Need to Know

The most active and intelligent hybrid dog breed is the Rottweiler and Pomeranian mix which is crossbred with purebred Pomeranian and purebred Rottweiler.

This dog breed which gained popularity over the last few years was originally bred in the early 2000s.

It is pretty easy to train a Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix because this dog is so affectionate and intelligent and can also be a good family dog.

So if you want to have a Rottweiler mixed with Pomeranian, it is a great choice because they will be not sad if you leave them home alone with no jobs.

In this article, I will tell you everything about Pomeranian and Rottweiler Mix Puppy which you really need to know if you are going to have one or want to add this dog breed to your dog family.

Along with that, I am going to tell you the history, temperament, training requirements, and grooming needs of this breed.

What is a Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix dog breed?

As we mentioned, a Rottweiler Pomeranian is crossbred between Pomeranian and Rottweiler which is originally bred in The United States.

This breed has a small stature and a thick fluffy coat with short or medium-sized hair on it. Because they are crossbred, they got some genetic health issues from both parents but that doesn’t make them less cute and popular.

Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix at a Glance

Height14 to 19 Inches
Weight26 to 49 Pounds
TemperamentLoyal, Calm, Friendly, and Intelligent
Average Life11 to 14 Years
Suitable forFamilies and Children

History Of The Rottweiler and The Pomeranian

Do you know that there are 200 dog breeds registered in The United States of America Alone and also many mixed breeds.

Among all the breeds Rottweiler and Pomeranian dog breeds are some of the most popular breeds that most people want to pet.

If I tell you about the popularity of The Rottweiler and Pomeranian in the USA, the Rottweiler stands at 8th and the Pomeranian stands at 23rd.

These two dog breeds make a good mixed breed with great traits and qualities. But before understanding this mixed breed let’s understand the parents of this breed.

Let’s look at the parents of this breed separately.

The Rottweiler

Rottweiler Dog

With an old history in the Roman Empire Rottweiler used as ancient guard dogs. But in decades slowly-slowly it changed as a pet dog.

Nowadays almost every dog lover wants to pet Rottweiler because of its behavior and loyalty towards its owner and family.

With a reputation worth a million dollars this dog breed is on the list of every pet lover in the World who wants a fearless and friendly dog.

As mentioned, Rottweilers used to be guard dogs which means they worked under tough conditions but by this, they only became better and stronger.

Rottweilers have a habit of going out and playing around but if you do not allow them to go outside or play around. Then they will suffer from many health issues.

Just be friendly and take out them for running and play on the ground. It keeps them in good shape and they really love it.

The Pomeranian

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian dogs might look small and tiny but they are also in the list of powerful dogs. Because they have the power and skill to run with speed for long distances.

There is another name by which Pomeranian dogs are known: Zwergspitz. And, in the family of Spitz Pomeranian is the smallest.

The Pomeranian breed belongs to Poland and is famous among people who want to pet small dogs.

The Rottweiler and Pomeranian Mix Appearance

Here I will tell you about the Rottweiler and Pomeranian Mix Appearance like how they look, what’s their color, etc.

What Does A Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix Look Like?

Above we talked about what the parents were like, let’s know how the actual breed looks. Here I will tell you about their physical appearance, health, and personality.

The height of female ones is up to 14 to 17 inches and weighs around 26 to 39 pounds. If we talk about male ones their height is around 15 to 19 inches and weighs around 34 to 49 pounds.

However, there are no particular rules for mixed breeds. they can be of any height weight and size. but this dog breed has many health issues which are inherited from the parents’ genetics.

In the Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix breed, there are smaller and bigger puppies.


Before I tell you about its coat I want to give you some more information about their parents’ coat.

The Rottweilers have a single coat with short-sized hair that sheds more than once a year. On the other hand, the Pomeranian has a double coat with medium-sized hair that sheds once or twice a year.

So according to that the coat of Pomeranian mixed with Rottweiler can be of short-sized hair or medium-sized hair.


If you don’t remember the colors of a Rottweiler and a Pomeranian, let me tell you that Rottweilers usually come in two colors which are black and tan and black and mahogany.

While Pomeranians usually come in white, brown, and tan colors.

So, the Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix breed is going to be black in color or white in color with tan shades in it.

Exercise and Training Needs

Rottweilers are energetic dogs and to burn it off they need to exercise, on the other hand, the Pomeranians also have so much energy.

If you want them in a good mood or behavior or to prevent them from becoming aggressive you need to exercise them regularly or take them out for a walk or play around.

You can play with your dog or can go for a long walk. There is an extra energy in them because of that they need extra exercise also.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Price

Now I’m sure you have a question in your mind, what is the cost of Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix?

The Rottweilers and Pomeranians are separately expensive so keep in mind that their mixed breed is going to be also expensive,

The price of this mixed breed can vary from $150 to $500 depending on the quality of the Rottweiler cross Pomeranian.

The price of this breed also varies if you want to buy a popular color dog, it can cost you more than $500.


What 2 dog breeds make a Rottweiler?

By crossing German Shepherds with drover and mastiff Rottweilers are made.

Is a Rottweiler mix a good dog?

Yes, Rottweiler mixes are good dogs because they are so active and intelligent dogs.

Is the Pomeranian Rottweiler mix a good breed?

Yes, the Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix makes a good breed.

Is a Pomeranian mix a good dog?

Yes, because they are so friendly, playful, and high in energy.

How long do Pomeranian mix dogs live?

The lifespan of a Pomeranian mix is about 14 years.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered everything about Rottweiler and Pomeranian Mix. Now it’s your call whether you want this breed or not.

In my opinion, if you like small-sized dogs that are full of energy then you can include a Pomeranian Rottweiler Mix in your family.

I hope you liked this article, if yes, please share it with a person who is a small-sized dog lover. Also if you want to add some more to it please feel free to share. Thank you.

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